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Equitable Access to Education for Adolescent Girls In Sindh and Balochistan




Anti‐Fraud Hotline

"USAID/Pakistan  has, in cooperation with the USAID Office of Inspector General, established the Anti-­Fraud Hotline to   provide an avenue for the reporting of fraud, waste, and abuse which may be associated with USAID funded projects in Pakistan.   Complaints are handled with complete confidentiality and individuals are encouraged to report when corruption, fraud, waste or   abuse may exist in the USAID/Pakistan projects. Reports can be filed anonymously via the easy-­to-­use Hotline (toll free number 0800 84700); e­‐mail at complaints@anti-­fraudhotline.com ;fax at 021-35390410; postal address at 5-C, 2nd Floor Khayban-­e-‐Ittehad, Phase VII, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan; and on the websit: www.antifraudhotline.com"  

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