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Proposal of skill development courses in District Sukkur and Jacobabad


SPO invites recognized/ certified institutes and organizations for the proposal of skill development courses in District Sukkur and Jacobabad. Interested firms are requested to submit their sealed quotations by 08th February, 2018 on or before 1700 hrs. SPO has the right to accept or reject any or all bids without assigning any reason thereof,

Proposal Documents:

  • Organization/ Institute/ Firm Profile
  • Technical/Vocational Registration Certificate along with trade details
  • Training Plan for each trade/s
  • Availability of infrastructure, equipment
  • Requisite experience in proposed trade/s
  • Details of trainers and their experience in proposed trade/s
  • Per Learner training cost with details including Trainer cost, material cost, utility cost, transportation cost should be separately mentioned (Note. all regular taxes as per FBR, etc. would apply)
  • Details of Material to be provided to Learner
  • Details of facilities to be provided to registered learner
  • Any other value added services offered by firm/s.

Finalized trades:

  • Plumber and Water motor repairing, 05 months;
  • Auto mechanic (Bike) repairing, 06 months;


  1. Specify National Tax Number (NTN) and SRB, Attach copy of Proprietor’s CNIC.
  2. Mention Address & Contact Numbers of Business.
  3. Bank Account should be same as business name.
  1. Include WHT and Sales Tax in quoted rates (If applicable).
  2. Vendor/Supplier should be registered with the Government of Pakistan.
  3. Separate Technical Specifications should be provided for each category.
  4. A vendor/supplier can apply for one or more tenders.
  5. The sealed bids with vendor profile, sample items (if required) and 5% of the total amount as refundable earnest money should be submitted along with the bid on the date mentioned in the advert.
  6. The Vendor shall provide an invoice in accordance with the issued purchase order along with delivery challan signed by the individual receiving the items.
  7. The vendor(s) will issue a numbered receipt when they receive the payment/installment. If the numbered receipt is not available, a receipt on his/her letterhead, acknowledging the payment will be obtained.
  8. Earnest money to be released upon successful completion of contract.
  9. Delivery times and sizes of each supply batches shall be clearly indicated in the Purchase Order. Agreed delivery time should be strictly followed.
  10. In case of breach / delay in delivery, deductions up to 1% of the total amount on 3 days, up to 5% on 7 days delay and termination of Purchase Order beyond this period. The contract can be suspended or cancelled at the sole discretion of SPO and all payments to the vendor / supplier forfeited. SPO will be at liberty to award the contract for any remaining unsupplied quantities to any other parties at the risk and cost of the supplier.
  11. The general conditions should be read together with the technical specifications.
  12. Inspection of goods by SPO may be done before delivery and at the time of delivery at distribution point.
  13. In case of dispute between the parties, the same shall be referred for arbitration under Pakistani law, and the award in such arbitration shall be final and binding.
  14. The bidder(s) can also mention any specific condition, which shall be taken into consideration before the award of supply orders.
  15. Goods to be delivered at the designated warehouses of the organization as/if mentioned in the tender.
  16. If any bidder requires clarification on any technical specifications or general conditions, he/she must do so in writing. All such queries should be addressed to Mr. Kashif Hussain, Secretary Procurement Committee, SPO on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within 3 working days of publication of the advertisement.


Bids should be addressed to:

Procurement Committee

Strengthening Participatory Organization,

1st Floor, Plot No. 05-C, Bazaar No. 06, Street No. 169,

Sector G-13/3, Islamabad.

Phone: 051 -2301221-2; 2301226-7

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