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Development Resource Center

Development Resource Centre (DRC) is based in Strengthening Participatory Organisation (SPO) National Centre, Islamabad. The objective of establishing DRC is to provide data, information and literature to SPO’s regional offices and partner NGOs. For that purpose DRCmaintains resource database (print and audio visual) on daily basis. DRC coordinates with regional centers to assess the needs of support organisations and respond to them by developing linkages with other information centers for the exchange of resource material. DRC material on different fields includes books, journals/magazines, and electronic resources - CDs, DVDs, Video Cassettes.

All the publications of SPO are available at Development Resource Centre (DRC). There are more than 5000 books on different topics/subjects ranging from agriculture, communications, development, directory, economics, education, environment, gender, health, history, human rights, information technology, journalism, literature, management, political science, poverty, relief and rehabilitation, religion, and training manuals. To keep the human resource abreast of latest developments in different spheres of society, DRC regularly subscribes different journals and magazines.

DRC’s electronic resource is comprised of annual reports of International Non-governmental Organisations (INGOs) and Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs), government documents and different researched documents. At DRC documentaries, references, dramas, tele-theatre, films and software are also available in the form CD, DVD and Video Cassette. To facilitate research at SPO, DRC has subscribed the services of Monash University Alumni Database, which is the largest online library of books, journals and magazines.

Since SPO is a participatory organisation, sharing of knowledge and information is indispensible for its progress. For that purpose research and communication department has developed a website named http://spodrc.blogspot.com. Through this website new arrivals and latest socio-economic and political developments of the country are shared. Library Information Management System software of DRC has a database in which 4000 books are catalogued according to different fields/subjects.

There is a special niche in DRC for the archives of SPO publications. The archive contains annual reports, discussion papers, manual, publications, poster, leaflets, booklets, flyers, and other important documents at different phases of the history of SPO. DRC has linkages with all regional offices, CSN and Networks, different NGOs and INGOs.

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