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Javed Jabbar

Javed Jabbar has diverse interests in mass media, international and national affairs, the environment, voluntary development work, social and cultural issues.

Senator® Javed Jabbar is a Member of the Senate Forum for Policy Research (2015-18). As a Minister in three Federal Cabinets, he has handled the portfolios of Information & Broadcasting, Science & Technology, Petroleum & Natural Resources and National Affairs. He has diverse interests.

Mr. Jabbar has written, produced and directed internationally acclaimed and award winning film documentaries and cinema films. He wrote and produced the 5 - top award winning cinema film “Ramchand Pakistani” in 2008, directed by his daughter, the widely-applauded Mehreen Jabbar. He is also the author of 14 highly praised books.

In a voluntary capacity, Mr. Javed Jabbar served for 8 years (2004-2012) as one of the four elected global Vice Presidents of IUCN – the International Union for Conservation of Nature, headquartered in Switzerland, the world’s largest and oldest environment organization. IUCN is the only environment organization with official observer status at the United Nations. He also served for over 4 years as Chairman of the Pakistan National Committee of IUCN, representing 24 Governmental and non-Governmental organizations of Pakistan.

Founding president, Baanhn Beli (a friend forever), (1985) working in over 400 remote villages of the Tharparkar arid region for the past 27 years in girls education, water resources, health care, training and micro-credit. Baanhn Beli was one of only 50 NGOs from around the world to be presented with a Special Award for bringing people together by “Friends of the United Nations” in New York to mark the 50th Anniversary of the UN.

Co-founder, (1993) past Chairperson and presently Member, Board of Directors, Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO), working with over 1600 villages and poor urban communities in 80 districts in all four Provinces of Pakistan to build development leadership capacity, particularly amongst women.

He is the founding Chairperson of Social Development Enterprise working across.

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